Vision Statement

“Pioneers Aimed on Success”

Mission Statement

“All Students WILL Learn”

School Hours

Breakfast served 7:30-7:55 a.m. School Hours: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
First Bell:8:00 am
Tardy Bell: 8:00 am
Dismissal Bell: 3:00 pm







Week at a Glance

  • Have a restful, adventurous, and SAFE Summer Pioneers!
  • All library books need to be returned!

Welcome to Socrum Elementary

Socrum Elementary School is located in the Northwest corner of Polk County in central Florida approximately halfway between Tampa and Orlando. It is a rural school with deep historical roots. Our staff and students work together to create a comfortable, warm environment where learning and achievement flourish.


Socrum Elementary



KG School Supply List…

2-24 Count Box of Crayons

4 Glue Sticks

1 Pair of Rounded Edge Scissors

2 Plain colored folders(with prongs)

1-1 1/2 in plain white binder

2 reams of Plain White Paper

3 Composition Notebooks(green, black, blue)

1 Pack of White Paper

6 Dry Erase Markers

2 Pink erasers

1-Disinfecting Wipes, 1-box of Kleenex, 1-Hand soap, Gallon Sized Ziploc bags


1st Graders School Supply List

5 wide ruled Composition Notebooks(red, blue, green, yellow, purple)

2-3 pocket/prong folders(blue, red, yellow, green, Purple)

Pencil Box/Pouch

4 Glue Sticks

1 Pair of Fiskars Scissors

2-24 pack of Crayons

2-24 Pack of Pencils

1 Pack of Expo Markers

1 Box of quart/sandwich sized Ziploc bags

1 box of gallon Ziploc bags


Lysol Wipes, 1-Kleenex, 1-Hand Sanitizer, 1-Hand soap


2nd Graders School Supply List

2 Packs of Lined Notebook Paper(wide ruled)

4-12 Pack Ticonderoga Pencils

10 Glue Sticks

1 Pack of Pink Pearl Large Erasers

8 Composition Notebooks(2-Red, 2-Blue, 2-Green, 2-Purple)

6 Plastic Pocket Folders with Brads

1-1 inch 3-Ring Binder(Clear View)

Dry Erase Markers

2-24 Pack of Crayola Crayons

1-Pair of Fiskars Scissors


2-Boxes of Kleenex, Lysol Wipes, Hand Sanitizers

Boys-1 Box of quart sized Ziploc Bags

Girls-1 Box of Gallon Bags

3rd Graders School Supply List

3 Packs of Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

3 Composition/Spiral Notebooks

4 Dozen #2 Pencils(Ticonderoga if Possible)

1 Pack of cap erasers

2 Packages of Elmer’s Glue

1 Highlighter

1 Box of Crayons

1 Crayon’s box

4 Plain Colored Folders(blue, yellow, red, green)

1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

1-3 packs of Kleenex(Girls Only)

1 Pack of Clorox Wipes(Boys Only)


1 Pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers

Anti-bacterial-Hand Soap and refill, Ziploc sandwich, quart, and gallon bags

4th Graders School Supply List 

2 Dozen #2 Pencils(No Mechanical Pencils)

Pencil Sharpener

2 Glue Sticks

5-2 Pocket Folders

1 Pencil Pouch/Box

2 Big Pink Erasers

8 pack of Colored Pencils

4 Composition Notebooks

2 Packs of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

Earbuds Required

Lysol Wipes, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap and refill

quart, sandwich, and gallon sized Ziploc bags

5th Graders School Supply List

2 Dozen #2 Pencils(No Mechanical Pencils)

4 Glue Sticks

1 Pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers

5-2 Pocket Folders

2 Pocket folders with prongs(1-Red, 1-Blue)

1 Pencil Pouch/Box

2 Big Pink Erasers

4 Highlighters

8 Colored markers

5 Composition Notebooks(Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black)


Lysol Wipes, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Anti-Bacterial Soap and Refill

quart, gallon, and sandwich sized Ziploc bags



Here lies the link for our District PFEP input survey.

Input on Polk District Parent and Family Engagement Plan – 2022-2023


Congratulations to Mrs. Cora Rankins!!

She was nominated to be considered for LifeChanger of the Year!


 Supporting the well-being of your students means making sure every child feel seen, heard, and cared for. Hazel is your partner in ensuring that your students feel their best so they learn at their best.

Click this link in order to sign your family up today.

Hazel Care Team

Congratulations to Mrs. Palso and the A Team for competing in the finals 21-22 School Year!




Congratulations are also in order for our beloved Music Teacher, Mrs. G. She has been nominated for the Polk Schools Proud Award by one of her music colleagues! GO MRS. G! 










Congratulations to our KG, 2nd, and 4th graders for having increased their passing rate on their AR tests! We are all so proud of our Pioneers!














Important Notice!

If your child has been tested for coronavirus, please do not send your child to school until you receive a negative test result. Please notify the school about the situation so that arrangements can be made for your child to participate in online learning.

 If a member of your household has tested positive, please do not send your child to school and call the Florida Department of Health at 863-519-7911 for further direction.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Registration

Registration for the 2021-22 school year will take place by appointment only at this time.
If you need to set up an appointment for enrolling a new student for this school year please
contact the school registrar Mrs. Ivy phone number (863) 853-6050 or by email

Registration process

  1. Students who moved from one PCPS school zone to another PCPS school zone
    • Parent/guardian will complete the registration packet and provide two proofs of residency in your name for your address zoned for Socrum Elementary.


  1. Students transferring from outside of PCPS (from other states or counties)

Required documentation:

  • completed registration packet
  • vaccination record on FL680 form and proof of physical within last year
  • birth certificate
  • academic history (transcript and/or last report card)
  • special education info (IEP, 504, etc.)
  • government picture ID for registering parent (Driver’s license, passport, etc)
  • verification of guardianship (if needed) (See below if needed from Student Enrollment)
  • Two proofs of residency in your name zoned for Socrum

You may also call the Front Office regarding any other questions that you might have at this time.

FRONT OFFICE (863)853-6050

We sincerely thank you for your understanding during this time.

Socrum Administration



 Polk County Coronavirus FAQs
(click here)

For more information, visit Polk County Schools
(click here)


 Learning for all…

Whatever it Takes!